Good nutrition only comes from good ingredients. We started our meal delivery service so we could bring healthier choices and better ingredients right to your home. Our philosophy is that nutrition can be and should be both healthy and delicious. More nutrients mean more fuel for your body.

We make our meals with nutrient-rich, whole foods. We use only the best produce, locally-sourced from only the best farms. Our chefs design our menus with balanced macros and the highest quality in animal protein.

  • Produce that’s organic, in-season, and always farm fresh
  • Seafood that’s wild caught
  • Poultry that’s pasture-raised
  • Beef that’s grass-fed
  • All animal proteins are part of the USDA’s Never-Ever program, meaning no antibiotics or hormones were used at any point.


We think that when it comes to eating right, your offense is only as good as your defense. Low-quality ingredients can lead to fatigue and even health problems. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

Dietitians approve every menu. Each meal is made from scratch. Each menu is dairy and gluten-free. We use only antibiotic-free animal protein that meets Never Ever Standards. We don’t use artificial ingredients. We don’t use preservatives or antibiotics. You’ll recognize every ingredient.

  • Dairy and gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Low sodium and low-fat
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