Certified Organic

Made using the freshest seasonal whole foods. Free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, and anything bad whatsoever. Always.


Insulated packaging and vacuum-sealed containers preserve all of the quality and keep your meals fresh.

Food Safety and Prevention

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) is a broad-based public private alliance whose mission is to support safe food production complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Direct to consumer meal delivery is the safest option we have today.

What we are doing to stay Fresh Nā€™ Clean

Standards in our dedicated kitchen and facility are top priority.

  • Practices are consistently under the highest level of scrutiny from rigorous third-party audits as well as state and county level regulation.


  • We are compliant with the highest scrutiny of the Food and Safety Modernization Act under the FDA
  • We have PCQI Certified staff. The Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation (often referred to as FSMA) is a law enacted to ensure safe preparation of food products for human consumption in the US.

  • GMP ā€“ We train all our staff to follow Good Manufacturing Practices including hand washing, gloves, hairnets, personal protective equipment.
  • SSOP - We strictly enforce our Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures ensuring our food manufacturing process remains sanitary at all times.
  • HACCP ā€“ Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. We analyze and address the probability of all food safety hazards to mitigate risk and implement preventative controls.
  • CDC/ World Health ā€“ We Strictly adherence to CDC and World Health Organization guidelines

Before entering our food facility, employees must:

  • Pass security Checkpoint and fill out a health questionnaire
  • Wear kitchen smocks
  • Wash hands and forearms thoroughly
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear face masks
  • Wear hair and beard nets
  • Wear sleeve guards if coming into contact with food
  • Wear non-slip shoes

The safest way to eat healthy

  • While we know this is a time of uncertainty, we want to thank you for your trust in us and assure you that you are safe in our hands. We will get through this together!
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